SARbase was built to make the lives of SAR management and their team members easier. As non-profit organizations with limited (if any) discretional budgets, many SAR teams rely on doing things the cheapest way possible. This often leads is a mish-mash of spreadsheets, printed materials and paper forms that are often out of date and difficult to access.

SARbase aims to solve many of those problems by providing an electronic location to store all of that data. Consolidating everything onto a single platform makes it easy to share information with your team members and to also provide a simple to use reporting platform so that summary information and statistics can be easily generated.

Data Storage

SARbase was built to provide a central location for team SAR data. Whether its mission subject data, attendance statistics, asset tracking, SARbase can store it all

Mission Management

The SARbase mobile application that is available on iOS or Android devices can be used to collect a variety of mission related information. Where network connectivity allows, information can be shared with mission base in real time.

Team Paging

SARbase has paging, SMS and email alert facilities all built into the application. You can issue general team pages or, if you require a specific skillset for a particular mission you can just send paging alerts out just to the team members that have the level of proficiency you are looking for.

Team Management

SARbase offers team management capabilities such as Tracking training attendance Monitoring mission attendance Document Storage

Event Scheduling

There are numerous event scheduling features built into SARbase. You can set up an ad-hoc 'poll' for volunteers to help with something, or you can plan out your entire year of training.

Asset Managment

Manage all of your team assets in one location


Data stored on the SARbase is kept secure and confidential, remaining accessible only to your team. Communication between members browsers and SARbase is encrypted. Additionally, personal data can be encrypted within the database so that only authorized users can access it.


Date entered into SARbase can be summarized into various statistical analysis and reports. Such reports might include mission profiles, subject behavior and member attendance.